Discovering God

In Romans 4 we are asked what Abraham “discovered” about God and righteousness. Abraham did “discover” something about God’s way of righteousness. I find it interesting that he was not simply told, trained, or sent some booklet that outlined what God expected. He “discovered” that God blesses faith, and does not credit righteousness to anyone based on their works.

Besides the theology of grace and works, the pursuit of God is still -essentially- a life of discovery. To “walk with God” is to learn of Him daily. Even in the way of Jesus, a follower of Christ will find it is a life of discovering the nature, ways, and will of the Lord through the experience of relationship. It’s what Steven Curtis Chapmen calls, “the great adventure.”

This is why after coming to know God in a New Covenant way, through an amazing encounter with Jesus, and after a many years of incredibly powerful gospel ministry, Paul the Apostle could still proclaim such an inward desire, “Oh, that I may know Him!” (Philippians 3:10)

I wonder yet, how well do I know God? How close have I ever really come to Him? How well or poorly do I know and hear His voice? Have I developed a spiritual instinct that can -with a fair degree of accuracy- know His will in many situations based simply on how well I have come to know my Heavenly Dad, and his ways?

Oh, that I might know Him better, and continue to discover daily the beauty, the wisdom, and the good will and ways of the Lord.

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