The Issue is the Mandates

I have many friends across Canada. I’ve known and interacted with Canadians for many years. And while no one can say for sure that those involved are 100% trustworthy individuals with simple, upright, purest of intentions, I’m confident that as much as the convoy movement represents the average on-the-ground Canadian, it is not a conglomeration of extremists or “phobes” of any kind.

This interview represents the kind of Canadians I’ve always known. And I believe this spokesperson explains clearly, simply and precisely what the convoy is about. It’s about the Covid mandates and the progressive elitists dreams of a “post nationalist” era.

It is NOT violent, racist, or extremist at all. It is simply “we the people” demanding their government stop serving the aims of the World Economic Forum over the aims and wishes of the Canadian people; and that they stop using Covid as a means of acquiring more power to deploy unacceptable authoritarian dictates over the Canadian people.

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