On the Importance of the Parts

Following is a message I recently shared with the Frontline staff, at our monthly community gathering. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John Maxwell has built an international ministry focusing on leadership skills and teamwork. He has long said that behind every great accomplishment in human history, you will find that -even if it appears to to be the work … Continue reading On the Importance of the Parts

The Problem of Egypt

Lately I've been blessed reading a book by Nelson Dy, a Filipino author whose Finding Comfort is a wonderful set of contemplations based on his years of journaling. I've also been enjoying Steward Leader Meditations by author R. Scott Rodin. Both of these men are new personal acquaintances, and their writings and thoughts are a real blessing. Today … Continue reading The Problem of Egypt

Discovering God

In Romans 4 we are asked what Abraham "discovered" about God and righteousness. Abraham did "discover" something about God's way of righteousness. I find it interesting that he was not simply told, trained, or sent some booklet that outlined what God expected. He "discovered" that God blesses faith, and does not credit righteousness to anyone based on their works. Besides the theology … Continue reading Discovering God